Prepare 4 interview

Preparing for a job interview

Most people would increase their chances in a job interview if they did some basic preparation.

Skills and accomplishments
You need to be able to reel off your job skills and accomplishments without much hesitation and pair them with the job skills in question.

There are different types of skills:
General skills can be applied to any job.

  • Advising
  • Communicating
  • Evaluating
  • Supervising
  • etc

Job oriented skills are usually specific to a particular career

For example, a motor mechanic would have an intricate understanding of engines, drive-trains, gearboxes and vehicle electronics. Plus an ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair problem vehicles.

Write your skills down

You will probably find you have more job skills and accomplishments than you first thought.

In your current position you excel in making sales over the telephone. Your skills outline that you are:

  • A good communicator
  • Sales orientated
  • Motivated
  • Persistent
  • Know your products / services very well
  • etc

Make some notes of your key achievements and talents. Practice out-loud explaining your skills; get a friend to help in a mock interview. Ensure you know the actual benefits to a potential employer, which lie behind your skills and achievements. Try to aim them towards the position you are applying for and how they would benefit the employer.


Stories are a great way to communicate your skills in a job interview. Try to backup your accomplishments with a short story of how you achieved them.