Lying in an interview

Lying in a job interview

Truth or dare
How honest you are in a job interview is your decision. We suggest you do not lie as it is dishonest, plus you could get caught-out and feel very stupid, ruining your chances of getting the job.

Outright lies can be hard to remember especially if you are in an already stressful job interview – so we strongly recommend you don’t. Can you imagine lying near the start of the interview and forgetting what you said, and the end of the interview you are asked to clarify some points you previously lied about.

How will the interviewer know I am lying?
Unless you are a habitual liar who can spin lies like a spider does webs, there is a good chance the interviewer will not be totally convinced by what you say. Outright lies can be difficult to mask especially if they are created on-the-spot.

Tell tale signs of lying
Many of the responses below are reactions to you stress level, which will probably increase when being untruthful. However, as job interviews are a stressful situation some effects of lying may be hidden by your interview nerves.

Pupils dilate – When nervous or excited your pupils will enlarge
Beads of sweat on your forehead – Excessive sweating is induced by worry
Little eye contact – Subconsciously you will not want look at the interviewer
Unable to sit still – You may feel stressed and edgy
Lack confidence – You may stammer and words may not come easily
Long pauses – Pause before answering some questions
Little hand movement when lying – People who express themselves with their hands tend to greatly reduce or stop hand movement when lying
Lack of detail – Examples of how you performed well in your last job lack any real detail