Interview skills

Job interview skills

Telling the interviewer what they want to hear

The interviewer wants to know that you are resourceful, hardworking, caring, motivated and you are the right person for the job. The job interview is your chance to convince the interviewer that you have all of these attributes.

Whether you like it or not, a job interview is a competition between you and the other applicants. Applicants which may be more intelligent, better dressed or have more confidence than you. Believe me when I say the best person does not always get the job,the winner is the person who gives the best interview.

Competitions are normally preceded by preparation and training, however most people do not bother to prepare for job interviews, which is good news for you.

Job interview script
Interviewers seem to follow the universal interview script which must have been designed by the interview god thousands of years ago. So we can predict which questions you will need to answer.

The basic steps to a successful job interview:
Preparation – Prepare for the job interview by revising your skills and arranging answers to the most common interview questions. Mentally collate your achievements and abilities, ready to preach at a moments notice.

What to say in a job interview – The interviewer wants to know how you will benefit the company, and if you will fit in.

Now you need to practice your interview answers.

Last modified: Wednesday 20 April 2011