Interview phrases

What to say in a job interview

We cannot cover specifics of what to say, without actually being beside you in the interview. So here we will cover some general job interview advice which will be applicable for any interview.

Below are a few attributes which the interviewer would want you to have. Use this small list as a starting point to make your own.

  • Can do the job
  • Fit in
  • Ready to learn
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Good communicator
  • Team member

Show the interviewer you have prepared for the interview
Try to weave any information you have researched about the company into the conversation. You may not get asked the common question “what do you know about the company?” So it is up to you to blend it into the interview together with any other gems you have uncovered.

Answering questions
When asked a job interview question aim to give a direct and informative answer. Avoid very short answers, and if possible give examples to back them up.

Try to include concrete facts and figures in your answers to enhance your response. For example, “due to the new sales practices I introduced – profits rose by 20%”.

Align your answers with job in question. Always keep the job in mind and try to put an angle on the answer which is biased towards the skills needed for the position.

It sound obvious, but think before you answer any question. Try to assess what the interviewer really wants to hear from you.

Asking questions
Do not be afraid to ask relevant questions. The interview does not have to be question – answer, question – answer; you can involve yourself which will show the interviewer you are interested.

Sell yourself
Do not be shy about your talents or skills etc. If there is a single time to be proud of your achievements, a job interview is it.