Jobs on the web

Using a recruitment agency

If you would like to expand your job search and let someone else do some job searching for you, a recruitment agency might be the answer.

Recruitment Agencies are businesses which offer services to job seekers and employers. They charge employers for job advertisements which they display. Employers can also pay when a vacant position is successfully filled via an ad. Some agencies provide other services such as CV writing.

Most agencies are on-line and let you search through thousands of jobs. You simply enter your location and desired job and you are presented with jobs with those requirements.

Shop around for a good agency

Some agencies provide a broad range of jobs opportunities, while others are specialised, focussing on certain employment sectors.

Whichever type of agency you prefer, it’s a good idea to shop around before making a final decision.

As mentioned earlier, recruitment agencies are businesses, so their aim is to make money. Their top priority may not be finding you your perfect job, but simply finding you ‘a job’. However, it is in the interests of the agency to offer well paid jobs as they can generate more commission.

Agencies prefer people with experience and qualifications as they can usually find suitable jobs for these people quickly, earning commission fees. Unskilled job seekers may find that agencies do not have a great deal to offer.

Recruitment agency tips

  • Don’t signup to the first agency you see, look around and get a feel for what they can offer you.
  • Register with a few relevant agencies to ensure you get a range of job selections.
    • UK Jobs CV-Library – Search thousands of UK jobs, from thousands of top recruiters and employers.
  • When making your application to an agency, whether it’s online or by telephone, be as specific as possible in the jobs which interest you.