How to lie in an interview

How to lie in a job interview

In our article: lying in a job interview, we explained how the job interviewer may guess you are not telling the truth. Below we describe the lengths which liars will go to, to fool an interviewer.

Please note – we do not condone lying in an interview.

Make it real
Liars aim to actually believe the lie is true. They visualise themselves performing the action, which makes it more real and becomes less of a lie. They have even been known to act-out the action for further realism.

Determined liars sit in front of the mirror and practice, looking themselves in the eye, as they would the interviewer and run-through lies. They are also careful to monitor their facial expressions plus depth and speech speed.

Lies can lack detail, so it is important that they create some. Liars even invent some incidental actions which can be bolted on the end of most lies to create realism.

Example: Note – the bolt-on lie is in orange
“I was awarded first place in our national sales competition. That day sticks in my mind as we had a fire drill during the awards ceremony.”