Best Cover letters

How to write a cover letter

How to make the best cover letter for a job interview

Writing the best cover letter you can is an important part of your job application process more than ever these days. Some people recommend that you should sell yourself at the end of your CV or resume. In these competitive times they mightn’t even get read if certain pieces of information aren’t found quickly.

Here are some tips on making a good cover letter:

  1. Tailor each job cover letter for each application.
  2. Try to find the name of the person hiring and address it to them personally and as in conversations if you mention a persons name it keeps their attention longer than if you don’t.
  3. If the job specifies a required qualification e.g. CCNA certified then make sure you mention you have this as near to the top of your cover letter as possible. We have heard of applications not even getting read until seeing if the person has specific qualifications and if not present on the CV resume then the applications get binned unread.

Last modified: Thursday 24 March 2011